New Wave Geophysical is a specialised service company to the oil & gas industry. We are experts in high quality scanning solutions and the provision of digital data for Australasia.

Company profile

New Wave Geophysical was recently founded in January 1999 by David Kirkham. Advanced scanning technology is used by New Wave Geophysical to provide efficient, accurate and cheap scanning solutions for seismic sections. Increasingly there is a demand for seismic data in SEG-Y format which can be used for workstation interpretation, and New Wave Geophysical is the leader in converting paper seismic sections into SEG-Y. With our technology even the poorest quality sections can be converted reliably, giving old data a new lease of life.

In addition to our scanning services, New Wave Geophysical has an extensive database of Australasian exploration data. The database encompasses shotpoint location, digital well log and bathymetry data. We can even provide GIS Seismic Line Selection which incorporates this data.

For more information about our products or services, please to not hesitate to contact us .

About the website

Currently this website is undergoing a large amount of development. Our scanning ability can now be viewed on-line, and this feature is soon to be extended to showcase the full range of what is possible. A graphical/searchable catalogue of our database is also in the pipeline.